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Marty Egeland
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10970 Tennyson Ct
Westminster, Colorado
80031 United States

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I am a Westminster resident who cares about what is happening in my neighbor hood, city, the state of Colorado and the USA as a whole. I have been painting for 30 years I have a vast amount of experience in residential painting. I work alone and I enjoy my work. It’s not about hurrying to the next house, It’s the task at hand, being organized and the workman ship I provide that counts to me, and a feeling of pride I take away from every job I do.

On exterior painting I power wash every house to ensure that the new paint will adhere to the surface. During the cleaning I can see all of the visible areas that need to be prepped for painting. Paint that should be scraped or sanded, caulking that should be removed and replaced, cracks that should be caulked, rotten wood or other repairs that are needed. During the course of preparation I will find any areas that need further prep, for example: rotten wood that should be replaced or bees nests. I clean out the gutters as I power wash.

Interior painting is more straight forward.
Masking and covering of counter tops, floors and furniture, anything you wouldn’t want to get paint on. Fresh clean plastic is used on furniture and many other areas because it is light weight and clean. When the painting is done the plastic is disposed of. I use all methods of painting, spaying, brushes, rollers you name it. The proper tool for the proper job. Most re-paints are done by brush and roll, Acoustic ceiling are always spayed.

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