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Protecting your house from the elements, and sprucing up your exterior is what we do best. We take the time to make sure that your house is properly washed, scraped, sanded, caulked and primed, so that when it’s time for the paint to go on, the house is ready. With our extensive prep-work, we make sure to deliver a paint job that will last.

Whether you are going for a new look, or your walls have some nicks and dents in them, interior painting is the simplest way to get the interior of your home looking clean and new. We can do small projects, from just a couple of rooms, to bigger projects, including a full interior. We will work up a customized estimate for your interior painting needs, and deliver a meticulous paint job, taking care that the paint goes only on your walls.

We do thorough pressure washing of the deck to remove andy mold, mildew, oil or dirt before we do the staining. Then we do a thorough sanding of the deck to make sure you don’t get any splinters on your newly stained deck. Finally, we apply an even coat of stain to ensure that your deck is smooth and sleek.

Kopeck Custom Painting takes pride in sprucing up your home by thoroughly pressure washingdecks, siding , driveways that might be in need of cleaning up. We deliver thorough pressure washing jobs to keep your home fresh and clean.

Do you need dents or holes repaired? Let Kopeck Custom Painting fix your needs by repairing your drywall. We contain the dust and repair your walls so that they are better than new and ready to be painted.

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