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Painting is wat we do but there must be proper preperation completed before the painting startes.We will spend at least a day doing prep work befor a paint can is even opened. Pressure washing chalking sanding and scraping if needed reglazing windows replacing any rotting wood.Guttersif they are repairable we can do that but we offer a package deal if we replace them with a paint job we offer that if gutters apear to be in bad shape.Interior painting is basicly the same all holes will b pacthed and all wall will be sanded to insure that the paint will stick good and knock off any debries this is something very few painters do.
Although painting is wat we primarley do we offer other services wall and floor tile new and repair.Plumbing tired of your old fixtures we can replace and or repair them. Electrical want a ceiling fan hung or just a new light fixture we can do that to while we are painting or preforming other services.
There is not much that we cant do and if we dont do it we can put you intouch with a trusted person that can fill your needs.

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