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Lora Mac Alistaire
719 632-5805 (Office)
719 246-4832 (Cell)
3102 Dent Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado
80904 United States

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We are a very unique company and as far as I know, there isn’t anyone else in Colorado Springs that does what we do. Both of us are “Color Whisperer’s”, which means that color and the application of color runs through our veins. We know almost instantaneously what colors should be on/in your house to make it happy. And, sadly, many of the historic homes in downtown Colorado Springs and Old Colorado City are painted with the wrong colors.
We don’t paint because this is our only choice in life, we chose to paint because we love helping other’s transform their castle’s.
We both have college degrees, but neither of us were into politics, so we had to make a choice, stay in the corporate world and loose our souls or get out and do something else that we loved to do.
We chose the later….
Regardless of what some might say, A Quality Paint Job in or on your home, takes pride of workmanship, a love of the process and a willingness to go the extra mile, not because you are being forced to do it, but because you want to.
Great customer service
Written contract that details each process of the job
A begin and end date & we stay on your job until it’s complete
And, if you are going to be out of town while we are working in/on your home, we’ll babysit your pets for you.

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