House Painting Tips Plus Articles From Various Authors

Often a house painting tip or two is all that is needed to keep you on the path to success and quality. The complexities of house painting are often overlooked by the “do-it-yourselfer”.

As a professional painter I have learned a few tricks concerning just about every aspect of this business.

On this page I will publish house painting tips and articles concerning as many topics as I can possibly write about plus articles submitted to the site. Just follow the links to the information you need.

Giving Your Paint Job the Finishing Touch

By Renee Rutledge - CalFinder (
Painting adds more than just color to a room. Depending on your finish, painting can create texture, brightness, or shine. Or, it can tone down the highlights for a more subdued, ...
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Green Ideas for Greener Homes

By Guy Alexander Bell - Never Paint Again (
With more “green” legislation coming into building design and construction, more and more houses and commercial buildings are being built with “green” ...
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Home Painting Ideas

By Abe Knepp
The modern home has become so much more than the simple living space of ages past. With an increase in home ownership over the past century and the dizzying array of new modern ...
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House Painting

Residential house painting is important as it helps to protect your house from harmful elements and adding years to its life in the process. House painting is a quick and easy way ...
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How to Clean a Paint Roller

By Mark (Boise, ID)
An Old Painter’s Secret When I first started painting, my dad owned this plastic box that connected to the sink or a hose that would spray a 9 inch fan of water in a line. The ...
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How to Know When Your Home Needs To Be Painted

By Geoff Sharp - Sharper Impressions Painting (Columbus, Ohio U.S.A.)
The average two-coat paint job will last about 5 years on trim areas (soffits, eaves, fascia, trim boards). Some siding areas can last up to 10 years (brick, stucco, aluminum ...
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Recommended Sites For More House Painting Tips

Here is a site worth visiting, Jack Pauhl's blog. Jack has a wide assortment of great painting information. He recently told me he has 10 years worth of writing to put on his blog. Imagine that! A definite must see site.

Another great site is It has great information if you are building your own home.

The best paint colors from Sherwin Williams - "Paint Color Cheat Sheets" - A great short-cut to finding a perfect paint color.

Find answers to your paint color questions.