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Caulk – Bridging Large Gaps

By Jack Pauhl (
Typically, the tip of the caulk tube is cut relatively small so when you move across a gap, the caulk is not coming out enough to fill it or the caulk falls in the gap. Here is a ...
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Caulking Door Casing Miters

By Jack Pauhl (
Simple demonstration caulking miters on door casings. The key to keeping the gap closed is to pack the gap with caulk by forcing caulk into the gap rather than lightly applying ...
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How to Caulk

Caulking a crack is simple, but you need to do it right… check this technique for proper guidelines… Caulking tutorial for for applying caulk to interior trim. *After ...
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How To Choose Interior Paint

By anonymous.
Learn how to choose the right interior paint for your next project. Topics include: The differences between latex & oil paints The differences in paint sheen / finish Choosing ...
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How To Paint Windows

If you are Painting a Window, either interior or exterior, this demonstration will clarify the steps required… Includes; painting the outside edges, caulking and brushing ...
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How To Spackle

Learning how to Spackle is crucial in getting satisfactory results in Painting, and it takes a little practice to get the technique down correctly… Lean how to spackle a ...
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