All rooms on same floor.

Tee Staff asked 4 years ago

My kitchen, hallway and bathroom are all on the same floor. Should I paint them the same color?
Thank you.

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Steve's Painting Services Staff answered 6 years ago

It really depends on you the home owner and what you would like to see each day. It is certainly much easier to paint it all one color. Although I would prefer to have a few different but similar colors. Like have the kitchen an eggshell, hallway off-white, and bathroom maybe a light tan. This doesn't make the bathroom to dark and allows for some light saturation through the windows. The hallway is a neutral area and is not a main focus. So an off white would suit this area. The kitchen is a common area and eggshell is a common color used by many paint contractors. You can certainly go outside of the box and use some brighter colors for the kitchen. But I think keeping it simplistic is the right way to go.

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