Elastomeric paint was recommended but concern of mildew and moisture.

Jackie Staff asked 4 years ago

I live in Florida and have a stucco house that need exterior painting. Elastomeric paint was recommended but I am concern of mildew and moisture. I’ve read that the characteristics that make the paint waterproof also give it a low permeability rating. Meaning that moisture from within a structure cannot pass out causing damage in the long term. What is your experience with this paint and what do you recommend?

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Anonymous Staff answered 8 years ago

You do not mention if your stucco is 'raw' (untreated) or, previously painted. If it is still porous enough..you can save money by simply using a top quality Acrylic Latex Paint in a satin finish..you will get good breathability and durability ( up to 10 yrs. or more ). If previously painted or you have numerous hairline cracks…by all means opt for elastomeric paint.. caution: all windows / doors etc. should be properly caulked with a good silicon so moisture does not get behind this coating. This product will not give you more than 150 sq.ft. per gal…but will last for 15 years or more.

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