I can peel the paint off my woodwork in big plastic like hunks.

Questions & AnswersCategory: Interior Trim, Windows and DoorsI can peel the paint off my woodwork in big plastic like hunks.
Teri Staff asked 3 years ago

Original woodwork sprayed on – maybe oil based enamel. Years later, repainted with latex enamel by a professional painter who didn’t prep first. Now trying to sand and paint again and the 2nd paint job is peeling off in big hunks. Doesn’t sand well at all. Feels rubbery. What to do?

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evelien Staff answered 8 years ago

HI Teri, was that really a professional painter? I'm afraid you'll have to take off the latex. Which won't be that difficult, I guess…

You might use a sharp shave-hook in the right form to neatly scrape off the paint. A paint burner can do a good job too, in loosening the latex first. Don't burn too hard, then you don't have to take it all off. (And be careful near window glass – if heated too strong it might crack)

If you want to take it all off: use a chemical paint remover (protect everything well, use gloves and clean thoroughly afterwards)

Anonymous Staff answered 8 years ago

Thanks for the advice Evelien. I don't know what a shave hook is but I'll ask at the paint store.

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