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Debi Staff asked 4 years ago

I painted my kitchen semi-gloss over semi-gloss and now the paint peels off in sheets when trying to remove the tape. I used that new Behr paint with the primer already in it and the guys at Home Depot didn’t tell me I would need to sand or prime. Do I now need to peel this off, sand and start over? Yikes

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crowderpainting Staff answered 7 years ago

Well, it's Behr. Most likely the paint needs time to cure before it will achieve good adhesion. Be careful with it and don't do any washing for 2-3 weeks.

If you still have problems you will need to remove as much of the Behr paint as possible. Washing with hot water will do a good job loosing the paint. After it is removed use a good primer, do any patching needed to get the walls in good shape and repaint with good paint (not Behr).

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