Oak cabinet doors delaminating.

Jeff Staff asked 4 years ago

I prepped the oak doors by sanding with orbital sander and primed with latex. The laminate is now bubbling. I will have to try and sand down and wood fill? Any other suggestions?

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MagicDave Staff answered 4 years ago

Apparently you have CHEAP Doors… solid slab oak would never do this… replace them with a higher quality door…

crowderpainting Staff answered 4 years ago

You will have to remove whatever is bubbling/delaminating and fill with wood filler. Large areas can be reglued (maybe) by injecting glue then clamping but this is a major pain to do.

Make sure to prime the damaged area with a oil based primer (Zinsser Cover Stain) before filling.

Anonymous Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks Magic Dave I'll remember to tell my customer they have CHEAP Doors that should solve the issue. Any other magic suggestions? I sanded and re-coated with an oil primer, used wood filler and wood glue and repaired to a acceptable level. Then I read Karl's answer which was similar to what i did, and yes what a major pain. Thanks Karl.

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