Oil-based paint on apartment door.

Anonymous Staff asked 4 years ago

It’s December in Minnesota and my landlord just had the woodwork and doors in the hallways painted with oil-based paint — including the door to my apartment. Is there any way I can get rid of the toxic smell that has infiltrated my apartment? The painting was done about two weeks ago but the smell lingers. I leave the windows open as much as possible.

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crowderpainting Staff answered 6 years ago

Not much can be done with the odor. It will take time to dissipate.

For your apartment you can try using some baking soda on a dish. A couple of boxes divided onto 4 dishes should help. Or cut-up a couple of onions (onions are supposed to absorb odors) and out these on a couple of dishes. Both ideas should help.

Also, I do remember seeing something at a paint store that was an odor absorber. Go to your local paint or hardware store and see if they have something.

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