Paint just peels rite off the walls in my bathroom.

Questions & AnswersCategory: Paint Types and Paint ProblemsPaint just peels rite off the walls in my bathroom.
Robert Staff asked 4 years ago

I painted the bathroom and the paint seems like it did not dry or stick. It’s rubbery and I can scratch it off with a finger nail.

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crowderpainting Staff answered 9 years ago

There is a couple of possibilities for this condition. It could be a slow curing paint that simply needs time. Many semi-gloss paints take longer to cure and are rubbery during this process. Another possibility is the walls had soap scum on them and this is reacting with the paint. I have seen both conditions over the years.

Try giving the paint a few more days without using the bathroom for showers or baths and increase the ventilation. Many paints take 2-4 weeks before they are fully cured and high humidity will slow down this process. Hopefully the paint will cure and properly harden.

MagicDave Staff answered 8 years ago

Start over… baths should ALWAYS be Primed first (after spackling and prep) with a Pigmented Shellac Sealer-Primer… then finish coated using a sheen finish, semi preferred… double roll over the finish coat after it sets up for about 10 min using a "dry roller" (not much wet paint on it) this will tighten up the stipple for a better and more washable finish…

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