Paint mixed with primer.

Don Otterman Staff asked 4 years ago

Home Depot and other stores sell a paint that has primer mixed in. I am going to paint my house and change color from dark to lighter. Will the type of paint mixed with primer work or should I put primer on first?

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M.A.C. Painting Staff answered 6 years ago

If you use paint and primer in one, you will use one coat of it as the "primer" then the second coat is the "top coat." Make sure you scrape any loose paint, and prime "with the paint and primer" any bare spots. Best of luck in your project.

MagicDave Staff answered 6 years ago

Paint-Primer Products are not recommended… basically they are a GIMMICK Item sold to novices to make $$$… always use a separate primer either latex, oil or pigmented shellac… then top coat…

Anonymous Staff answered 5 years ago

My walls are new with sheetrock. Can I use paint mixed with primer?

crowderpainting Staff answered 5 years ago

Yes you can but use 2 coats. Be aware that this type of paint isn't as good as using a separate primer then paint.

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