Paint over old tung oil?

Anonymous Staff asked 4 years ago

15 yr old tung oil.#1-liquid sanding/deglosser, oil based primer, oil or latex paint topcoats or….?

2 Answers
MagicDave Staff answered 5 years ago

Your question is not really clear! Please state exactly what it is that you want to paint over???

crowderpainting Staff answered 5 years ago

To paint over Tung oil you will need to clean the surface really good (soap and water- rinse well), (any sanding need to be done before the deglosser), wipe with a deglosser (Paso is best) and double prime with an oil base primer. The reason for 2 prime coats is that the first will dissolve a little Tung oil and the second will provide the perfect seal. After that you can paint with any good paint, oil or latex. I recommend oil based paint for furniture, for its hardness and better overall looks. Hope that helps.

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