Paint Roller Nap

Bill Staff asked 4 years ago

When using a new paint roller, I get lots of loose fibers that come off the roller and ruin the paint job. How do you get rid to the fibers from being pulled off the roller and on to the painted surface?

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JT Creations, LLC Staff answered 8 years ago

Our standard practice is to remove the wrapper from the cover, place the cover on the roller frame. Take the roller outside where we will use the spray nozzle on the water hose to wet and then spin out the roller. This not only removes the majority of the fuzz, but has the added benefit of making the roller easier to clean when you are finished.

Anonymous Staff answered 7 years ago

Use a real sheep's wool roller cover and you will avoid a lot of the fuzz. It costs more but it's worth it. It covers better and they are way easier to clean.

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