Painting a Modular Home

Anonymous Staff asked 4 years ago

Can I paint over the “paper-type” wall covering in a modular home?

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MagicDave Staff answered 7 years ago

Yes… first scrape off any peeling paper, then spackle the edges, then prime the entire wall or ceiling using ONLY Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer… then finish coat with a high quality paint like Sherwin Williams Classic-99 Latex…

Journeymans Painting and Decorating Staff answered 7 years ago

I would not suggest painting over any papers of any kind. With a semi-gloss a lot of times it will bubble or peel off after you paint I have had customers have me do this but I did it with a flat paint and a couple coats and didn't have any problems but as for the long term affects I left that for them to find out because that was how they wanted it done.

Amazing coatings of Montana Staff answered 7 years ago

I would try and remove the wall covering if you can. Some wall paper tends to bubble if you paint it. Use a wall paper remover spray it on with a bottle and let soak for the time stated on bottle. then scrap it off. You'll want to use Kilz to prime with after. Good luck

Anonymous Staff answered 6 years ago

I crumpled tissue paper, then spread the sheets out as I applied the semi-gloss paint. It has a stucco-like finish and has been perfect for 7 years.

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