Painting a new build and I have never painted before.

Michelle Staff asked 4 years ago

I am painting my home for the first time, as when I moved in two years ago it was a new build. The whole house is painted in a horrid creamily color and now I am starting to make my house look like a home, as I am a single parent of three girls ages from two years seven and a fourteen year old also currently unemployed.

I wanted to ask a couple of questions firstly. Do I need to apply an under coat or any other paint before I apply my colored emulsion to my walls? Also, I wanted to know is there a device, tool I can use for painting when I reach the corners? Where the two walls meet, they are getting painted different colors? I hope you can help as I have never painted anything before except my finger nails.

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crowderpainting Staff answered 9 years ago

If your walls are in good shape, don't need any repairs, then priming isn't necessary. Also, no other paint needs to be used except your preferred colored emulsion.

I haven't found a good tool that can paint the corners with ease. Try using tape and a steady hand.

Anonymous Staff answered 9 years ago

Don't need to undercoat.

No you don't need to undercoat the walls at all 🙂 because it was a new build it should be in mint condition 🙂 You just need to get your paint and brush and roller and go for it 🙂 For your corners maybe try using a smaller brush but yeh tape is good also (masking tape).

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