Painting doors with semi-gloss, paint dries too fast and leaves brush marks.

Ellie May Staff asked 4 years ago

My professional painter asked me to buy expensive Sherwin-Williams paint for the best effect on all my doors. She rolled on the paint, and then used a fine brush to paint it out, that is, to get rid of roller marks and the look of a rolled door. However, the paint dries so fast that she can’t brush easily; the paint rolls up into little balls. The paint costs 60.00 a gallon, and S-W said they never heard of this problem, which I find difficult to believe, since we had the same problem with Behr, Valspar etc. My doors have now got three coats of semi-gloss on them, with shiny brush marks, little balls of dried paint making little lumps everywhere, and I am considering just rolling them over so they will at least look consistent. My painter added Flo-trol to thin the paint so it wouldn’t dry as fast, it basically did nothing to improve the problem. I have been told this issue is due to low voc paint, but every paint I buy from anywhere is now low voc apparently. Lowes and Home Depot folks in my area are mystified as well. Any suggestions, other than my own…to just roll the doors and live with the effect, which my pro painter says she will not do, as rolled doors look terrible.

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crowderpainting Staff answered 6 years ago

Getting a smooth brush mark free surface using modern acrylic paint is tough at best. Yes, it all dries too fast. Here's some ideas that might help;

1- More Flotrol can be added than is recommended. Flotrol doesn't thin paint but it will lower the paints coverage, more coats will be needed.

2- Add a little water to the paint. It doesn't take much but a little splash in the paint your painter is using will help it flow out. This can be combined with the Flotrol for better results.

If you have to roll the doors there are some nice smooth surface rollers on the market.

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