Painting semi gloss oil based over high gloss oil based

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Mona asked 4 weeks ago

Hi, I have a newly painted door in high gloss. I want to paint one side in semi gloss and would like to know if I can just paint the semi gloss straight over the high gloss or will there be a problem? Thank you.

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MagicDave Staff answered 4 weeks ago

There won’t be any problem, but first wash the door surface with TSP and Warm water, let dry for 2-3 hrs and use a High Grade Exterior (if it is an Exterior surface, otherwise use regular Interior paint) Semi Gloss product, applying it with care to COVER the High Gloss surface… if you like you could give it a “Light Scuff Sanding” using fine grade paper…before painting, but don’t leave any scratches… Good Luck!

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