Patching doesn't match?

Jessie Staff asked 4 years ago

I am moving out of a rental property and removed temp hooks which have ripped off the paint. Visited local hardware store with patch of paint ripped off wall and they match the colour exactly.

I have put a spakle on and aloud time to dry (2 hours as advised). I have sanded it with a fine sanding block and applied a coat of paint. It looked much darker once dried so I applied another coat of paint and it still doesn’t look like it matches. I have let it dry, I can completely rub all over it and not a bit comes off. Any advice?! It’s about palm sized if that helps.

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MagicDave Staff answered 5 years ago

You cannot expect it to match… you need to repaint the whole wall…

Anonymous Staff answered 5 years ago

Color might match but most likely the sheen is off, this will cause the difference you notice. First, ask if there is any touch-up paint available. If not you can try to burnish the spot by rubbing it with a soft cloth, this might tone down the sheen. Worth a shot.

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