Popcorn Ceiling Removal

H avila Staff asked 4 years ago

How to bid popcorn ceiling removal job, re-texture and paint?

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MagicDave Staff answered 7 years ago

Removing Pop Corn (flocked) ceiling material is not difficult, if it has never been painted over… if it was ever painted over either by roller or spray… it is very difficult if not impossible to remove and the only alternatives are re-plastering over it or painting over it with a texture paint, using a texture roller cover…

Try scraping it off… if it comes off Bingo!

As for pricing… figure how long (for 1 man) it will take (in days) to fully complete the whole job… multiply by how much you want for a 1 man day… add paint and material costs plus perhaps 5% for overhead…

crowderpainting Staff answered 7 years ago

Take a squirt bottle with water and wet down a small area, foot square. If the acoustic turns dark and absorbs the water then taking it off is easy. As stated above, when painted removal is difficult. Your price is determined by how easy the acoustic texture is to remove.

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