Put slate down on the deck after the deck has been refinished?

Bill Staff asked 4 years ago

I have a deck off the family room which is flaking off and looks horrible. I would like to have the deck redone in a fashion that puts a finishing covering on the entire deck that surrounds the hot tub . Is it possible to put slate down on the deck after the deck has been totally refinished?

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crowderpainting Staff answered 9 years ago

I don't see why not. The only problem I can think off is trapped moisture under the slate. It would be nice to lift these up to let the deck have a chance to breath and dry out.

If you notice any excessive mold or algae growth on the deck frame, under the slate, then you will have to remove the slate.

Many good deck stains are very resistant to standing water and you could use a solid color stain around the hot tub. This could be a nice border of color against the other deck stain. Just a thought.

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