Sand thru finish and stain.

Jim Perry Staff asked 4 years ago

I spray stained and then first coated with a lacquered coat. Then I sanded for a final lacquer finish coat. At this point with 220 paper some edges and spots sanded thru to the wood. DUMB. Any suggestions as to fixing this problem? The stain is med brown on maple? Please help!

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crowderpainting Staff answered 7 years ago

If you have any stain left use the thicker stuff on the bottom of the can and touch up the scratches. If not see if you can find a thick gel stain with the same or close color.

Apply the stain to the scratches only and remove any extra. Allow to dry a little then carefully wipe. You will need to experiment a little to get a good look.

JT Creations, LLC Staff answered 7 years ago

With a rag and a thinned amount of stain touch-up will not be difficult. Do not just blot the stain in place, use some finesse and maybe try q-tips for spotting.
Spray as before and do not be too hard on your-self. We professionals do this with some regularity. We just know haw to fix it before the customer sees it.

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