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Lori asked 4 months ago

We have a new home construction (1 yr old) and whenever I lightly hit a wall with my fingernail, etc. the paint comes off right down to the drywall.  I am concerned, as the paint seems very thin and the drywall seems soft after a full year.  What could cause this problem?  We have standard drywall, a thin, stucco type texture finish and Sherwin Williams paint that was airsprayed throughout the entire home.  If our texture crew thinned out the texture with too much water while applying, and then the paint went on too soon, could that be the problem?  There was a LARGE amount of texture product left over and the buckets of texture the crew was applying seemed thin?  Don\\\\\\\’t know, but would like to have a better understanding before I talk to the builder.  Thanks so very much!

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MagicDave Staff answered 4 months ago

Generally, Real Texture Paint is applied with a special roller cover, made from wire-like material and is easily available at paint stores… texture paint is anything from “thin” but rather thick as “hell” … applying it with a spray unit would not work without thinning first and this is where things go “wrong”… we never use anything but a roller and brush! I would guess your problem stems from the method of application, and if a contractor is doing wrong there, then likely he/she is “cutting corners” elsewhere buy using “cheap” materials and labor, just to mention a few… I would contact Legal Help now a see where it goes … Good Luck!

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