Staining a Primed Wood Door

Anonymous Staff asked 4 years ago

Can I gel stain an interior six panel wood primed door from Lowes? They are cheaper to buy than the 6 panel pine ones.

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crowderpainting Staff answered 8 years ago

Yes, this is possible. It is easier to stain a door that has embossing, a dimensional wood grain, like interior hollow 6 panel masonite doors. If the door is smooth, without embossing, you will also need a graining tool.

You will need to apply a base coat of paint before applying the stain. The reason for this is the base color dictates the final color that you will get with the stain. You could use a <a href="; target="_blank">wood graining base</a>. The exact color depends on the final look you want.

Anonymous Staff answered 5 years ago

Yes u can, I have done-it with Old Master
gel stain, looks great.

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