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Brooke Staff asked 4 years ago

Recently bought an home that has the original wallpaper. Which is better, strip the wallpaper or texture over it? I hear that I can Texture the seems of the wallpaper if I use an oil based primer, then texture, and then paint.

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MagicDave Staff answered 7 years ago

I have a good Tutorial on this subject at this page on my site: <a href="; target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a&gt; … check it out!

crowderpainting Staff answered 7 years ago

In the long term stripping is the best quality option but this takes the most time and effort. Painting over wallpaper is possible if the paper is well adhered. The biggest problem is bubbling either now when the painting starts or in the future. It's a risk but might be worth while taking.

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