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Jonathan P. Staff asked 4 years ago

How do you think pulling up to the house with a good sized hatchback, which is cheap on gas, would be perceived by the home owner? (As opposed to a full sized van.) I ‘m trying to keep costs low.

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crowderpainting Staff answered 6 years ago

I certainly understand your pain. My full sized van gets 14 miles/per gallon and I drive 75-100 miles/per day. From my point of view a car isn't a good choice. A lot of my cheap inexperienced competition drives cars. I always wonder what the customer thinks about this.

An alternative is to drive a mini van. I've been thinking about this myself. The really nice parts are better mileage and you can buy ladder racks for mini vans.

MagicDave Staff answered 5 years ago

First appearance is crucial… get a Full Sized Van… nothing else will do…

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