What color to paint shutters and door?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Exterior Paint Colors-Doors and AccentsWhat color to paint shutters and door?
Anonymous Staff asked 3 years ago

What color should I paint my shutters and door if my house color is beige and my shingles are brown?

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Anonymous Staff answered 6 years ago

If your shingles are a dark brown, you can paint your shutters and front door a matching brown, or complimentary colour such as dark green or red and it will look very sharp. If the shingles are a lighter brown it would be safer to paint everything a dark brown colour however again you may also choose a lighter more khaki or olive green for them. I would suggest against painting them the same colour as the shingles as they would get lost among the beige of the walls.

Anonymous Staff answered 6 years ago

In my opinion, any colour would be valid. You can use a same type of colour such as white, grey, brown, light blue or introduce a new colour to break with the colour monotony with a bright yellow, red, lavender, etc.

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