Wood Refinishing – Give Wood a New Lease On Life

Have an aging home? Is the wood fading and losing its luster? It doesn’t need to remain that way. Give your doors and interior trim a new shine by using these wood refinishing techniques.

Wood refinishing is not that difficult. Do-it-yourselfers frequently take it on. But with all the options for paint strippers, stains, varnishes, and other finishes that even a small hardware store offers, it’s easy to become confused.

Wood finishes last for years and provide natural wooden beauty and refined class. However, this beauty gradually fades over time. Colors lose their potency, stains recede, and the wood begins to show its age. Refinishing the wood reverses that.

Wood refinishing starts with stripping paint, in order to expose the wood for the new finish. It can then be sanded to smooth out the surface and create a better look. A stain gives the wood color and brings out the natural elegance of the wood. A finish, usually clear, protects the wood from the elements. These steps make any piece of wood look better. With a little effort, refinishing the wood in your home can make it much more fresh and appealing.

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Wood Refinishing Ideas
How Did You Refinish Your Woodwork?

Calling all refinishers and anybody that has achieved a new look for your trim and doors. Feeling proud of your accomplishment, you should!

Wood Refinishing can be a challenge, what did you do to to achieve a new look? I would love to know about any ideas or tips you have. Or just show off! Use this form and tell the world, plus have your own web page.

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Conditioning Wood for Staining

Conditioning softwoods before staining will help you get a nice even look. Many pre-stain conditioners are available but you could also use sanding sealer or shellac to prepare ...
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Refinishing a Custom Wood Door
Part 1

By anonymous.
A custom wood door is defined by its uniqueness and these doors are certainly that. When I originally looked at these custom entry doors I envisioned a lot of work in order for a ...
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Different Types Of Wood

This video shows several types of wood and briefly discusses their characteristics. Wood species shown include Burch, Poplar, Maple, Pine, Oak, Cherry and Mahogany. *After viewing ...
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Distressing Wood

This video show various wood distressing techniques and the tools used. Includes making worm holes, cracks, chaining and hewning. These techniques can be used on any wood surface ...
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Exterior Wood Door Restoration

This video shows the steps needed to take a worn varnished front door through the preparation and refinishing processes and have a ‘like new’ wood door. Includes; Wood ...
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How to Apply Stain to Wood

By Steve Anthony
This video includes tips and techniques used to apply wood stains. A dark wiping wood stain is applied to Burch plywood. *After viewing please consider offering your own insights ...
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How to Stain Wood

This video discusses the basic steps used to apply wood stain. Includes a discussion of the differences between hard and soft wood, use of a pre-stain conditioner, application ...
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Paint Stripping – Staying Safe

By anonymous.
Paint stripping removes layers of paint to reveal the beauty of wood that can be hidden under paint. This is especially used for wood in interior rooms which are either exotic or ...
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