3 Ideas for a Kitchen Mural

By jessica

After redesigning your kitchen counters and cabinets, the next step is always to repaint or refinish the walls. If you are a lover of wall murals, now is your chance to try your hand at a wall mural creation in your kitchen. Do not be afraid to try a mural, because if it does not turn out the way you had hoped, you can easily repaint the walls.

The ideas below will give you some starting points for painting a mural in the kitchen after the walls have been primed with mildew and mold resistant primer and a top coat of base paint.


If you are inspired by all things Italian, try adding that inspiration to your kitchen walls. Begin by painting the walls a neutral color that corresponds to your new kitchen counters and cabinets. The lighter the color, the easier it will be to paint the mural. Begin by finding a picture or image that you would like to capture in paint. Sketch it out on a piece of paper first, and then sketch it onto the wall. Remember to mark lightly, so that the pencil marks do not show through the paint. Use colors that are reminiscent of Tuscany and carry a traditional Italian feel. Take your time making the lines of the Tuscan villa and waves of the fields accurate, as the mural will be the focal point in your kitchen. If you have a large space and feel confident, you can use an entire wall for your theme. For more limited spaces, however, select a smaller spot on a wall where the mural will still be showcased, but where it will fit nicely into the space.

Sidewalk Cafe

For the more casual kitchen, a sidewalk cafe mural is a great way to announce your love of coffee and the pleasure you get from spending time drinking it with friends. Begin by painting a tall building. Adapt the size of the building to fit the available wall space. Paint a store front complete with outdoor seating, an awning and a menu board on the sidewalk. Since this mural will rely on the creation of the illusion of depth, it is best to practice drawing it many times on drawing paper. This will reduce the likelihood of making major mistakes on the wall. Use colors that match the kitchen’s decor when you are painting the mural. The awning can coordinate with the specks of color found in the granite counter tops or the veins in the new tile floor. Make the mural work for the fixtures and space in the kitchen.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

A rich, vibrant garden is a wonderful thing for those who love to cook. Fresh vegetables and herbs are a mainstay of good cooking and capturing their likeness in a wall mural is a great way to emphasize their importance in your meals. This mural can wrap around the lower half of the kitchen walls and be life-size in its portrayal of the garden bounty. You can even add a real white picket fence over top the mural once it has been painted to give it an authentic feel. Choose from either a flower garden or a vegetable garden and sketch out your plans before starting. While this mural will be slightly less structured than the other ideas, it is important to know what each plant looks like at the peak of the season. With a little research and observation, you can paint an authentic garden right in your own kitchen.

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