5 Great Colors to Spruce up the Bathroom

Choosing a color for the bathroom can be a challenging proposition. There are so many options and decors to choose from, that finding the perfect one for your bathroom is not as simple as it may seem. Thankfully, if the decision is just too overwhelming, there are five great colors that look good in any bathroom all of the time. Use the color suggestions below to help get you started in planning your bathroom decor.


Winter white is the perfect choice for a bathroom that is not heavily trafficked. It gives the appearance of a clean room where relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day is natural. White walls, tiles and fixtures all enhance the feel of the room. Do not underestimate the power of fluffy white bath towels, hand towels and a sumptuous white bathmat to complete the look. White is easy to clean and is accented nicely by silver or chrome sink hardware.


Consider choosing a light tan that has warm undertones when searching for the perfect bathroom color. It has the same clean feel as white does, but also infuses warmth and formality into the room. Tan is best when paired with a dark solid color or a dark pattern, like plaid. Tan works well in heavily trafficked bathrooms, as well as, guest bathrooms.

Pale Pink

Feminine comfort is defined by pale pink bathrooms. Forgo the cotton candy pinks, and choose a soft, subtle pink with warm undertones. The color will add a relaxing feel to the room and just enough color for a truly feminine decor. White and cream are perfect accent colors for the pale pink bathroom.

Cool Blue

If white is too stark and pink is too feminine, consider a cool pale blue for the bathroom walls. A cool undertone pale blue paint will give the illusion that the room is slightly larger than it actually is. It is a masculine color, but is neutral enough that it works in family and guest bathrooms, as well. White is the best accent color for the pale blue bathroom decor.


The ultimate color for a serious, modern bathroom, gray is both contemporary and sophisticated and is perfect for both the guest bathroom and a bachelor’s master bath. Gray can have different effects on the look of the room depending on the undertone. Choose a warm undertone for a warmer feel or a cool undertone for a more aloof, sophisticated tone in the room. Either way, gray is the perfect modern bathroom color.

When choosing a bathroom color, determine who will be using the room the most. A family bathroom may be better suited to a colorful room, while a bachelor would probably prefer a more sophisticated look. Whichever color is chosen, be sure that the accent colors bring out the look and feel that is being sought. A main color is essential, but if the accent colors do not reflect the same mood, the bathroom will never achieve the desired look.

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