5 Painting Ideas for your New Nursery


One of the most enjoyable parts of preparing for a baby is getting to design the nursery. There are so many different possibilities and oftentimes, parents-to-be will feel as if nine months isn’t enough time to properly prepare for a nursery. The colors you select for your child’s room will not only influence the atmosphere, but can also affect your child’s mood. It may seem overwhelming, considering the fact that there are more colors in existence than you can even imagine. Luckily for you, we’ve managed to come up with seven different modern design trends that can be easily incorporated into your dream nursery.


You can’t talk about designing a baby’s nursery without bringing up pastels. In the year 2017, pastel palettes are still all the rage. The soft colors you’d find in a baby pink or a mint green or even a sky blue make for a calming, serene, almost neutral palette that is sure to help a baby feel comfortable in their space. If you want to try elevating the room, try using a pastel as the primary color in the room and add vibrant pops of color. The sharp contrast between the soft pastel hues and the bright accents help stimulate your baby.


Whether you have a tight budget or you just prefer a minimal aesthetic, a minimalistic nursery is just as attainable as it is stylish. Sometimes, the best design option is the most simple. Don’t be afraid to go back to basic color schemes: you can never go wrong with black and white or a monochromatic grey color scheme. These simple palettes are calming, elegant, and are totally flexible. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box; there are a variety of different designs that creatively utilize a simple, minimalist color palette.


The Bohemian style is very much about emphasizing the lifestyle of a freespirit. It’s a very effortless, laidback aesthetic, although this particular look is carefully crafted. Try starting out with a minimalist color palette; white, muted purples, grays, etc. From there, add a few house plants and multi-tonal details, like printed rugs or pillows. You also can’t go wrong with clashing wall art. The contrast between neutral tones and noisy, busy designs is the ultimate boho experience.

Glimmer and Shine

Metallic colors are becoming very popular in 2017. Though it’s not recommended to douse your entire room in metallic paint, sprucing up some accents in your nursery can help elevate its look. Try adding flecks of silver and gold on the crib or even on wall decorations; if you can include loud colors like neon pink and orange in a nursery design, then there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate some metallic pieces.


If you aren’t interested in picking out wallpaper or even adding a few coats of paint to your nursery, why not try decals? With decals, you can very easily make breathtaking wall murals in your nursery; build it up to be as simple or as complex as you want. Additionally, decals are perfect if you don’t have the time or the means to hire a local painter to cover an entire room. They’re also very affordable, so not only are you saving time while designing the perfect nursery, but you are also saving a few bucks.

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