5 Reasons Fall Color Schemes Always Work

By Clarissa Caouette

So you can’t decide on a paint color? Renovating and decorating rooms can create a lot of tension. You’re making long term decisions. Does the perfect option even exist?

Take a deep breath and change how you think about his.

All you need is a practical decorating answer that will always serve you well. And picking a theme is better than trying to decide on the perfect paint color. And from experience I know using a fall theme is always a winning tactic.

Here are a few reasons why this is your perfect solution.

It’s About Comfort; Think of fall and you think of cozy evenings on your favorite chair. Don’t you want to feel that way all through the year? But why does fall decorating resonate so well with your need for comfort?Fall brings cooler weather which usually chases people indoors after hot summer months spent outside. Interior spaces become havens away from the cold. Food and harvests are also important imagery during fall. Finding a refuge from the cold may be where the term ‘comfort food’ originated.

Colors that remind us of these cozy features are bound to comfort us. You can replicate these comfortable atmospheres simply by using fall colors.

Warm Undertones Always Work; The mind is a marvelous thing and its response to colors have been studied.Here’s a fact. Colors have an impact on how we perceive something. This is why it’s important to use the correct colors in branding. But this same feature is motivation to pick the right colors for your home.

And fall colors tend to initiate positive reactions. Many fall colors such as oranges, browns and reds have warm red undertones. These can let a room feel warmer even when it’s chilly and it’s more inviting than cold blues or clinical whites. Your home should be inviting and warm colors help you reach this goal.

That’s why you’ll love it all year round.

They’re Practical for Every Season; The magic of fall colors is that they can be utilized throughout the year even while your needs change. No, during summer you don’t want the plush blankets of winter and fall. But the fall colors on your walls can still help you create rooms relevant to summer.

You’re bound to use light hues—such as pastel shades and white—for your linen. These colors absorb less heat from the sun when compared to black or other dark shades.

But do you really want your home to be white only? It can become dull.

The red you loved during fall is the perfect color to keep spaces looking interesting. Bright colors can even spark your creativity. This is exactly what you need during summer when it’s warm enough to venture outside and you need some original ideas on how to fill your days.

It’s amazing what a single coat of paint can do all through the year.

They Work in Any Room; Of course I can’t advise you to use a certain pallet if it only works for my living room. But fall colors work everywhere!


Bedrooms are supposed to offer comfort. What better color combination than the colors associated with warm fires? When you love old furniture you have the added benefit that most antique furniture pieces match well with fall hues.

Offices and Commercial Use

Your office must serve various purposes. And guess what! Fall shades help you achieve all these goals:

  • Visitors must experience your power as an expert in your field. Red is a popular fall color and is known to communicate power.
  • Employees are productive when they feel they’re part of a dynamic group of people. Fall colors with green undertones represent growth and create motivating—yet calm—working environments.
  • You want clients to feel welcome and decorating for fall is all about inviting people in through color.


Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Where is your family’s favorite place to spend time together? Turn kitchens and dining areas into comfortable areas by using warm fall colors. Best of all is your food will look even more enticing when complemented by the natural colors!

It Makes Decorating Easy

Decorating should be fun, right? But if you struggle to get décor items that match your back drop it’s not worth the effort. With fall colors you’ll never be at a loss.

Popular Colors

Fall colors are almost never out of fashion because they’re so popular. If you want to redecorate a room you will easily find décor and linen to use. And don’t be concerned if you don’t have natural decorating skills. Use these tips and you’ll never pick the wrong thing:

  • Think of how your favorite colors present in nature. An example is the brown bark of a tree with colorful flowers between leaves higher up.
  • Find décor items in these hues.
  • Rearrange the colors in the same manner inside your home. A brown sofa can be complimented by a green throw and colorful pillows on top. Add a rug with green undertones that resemble the grass below the tree.


See? That’s not so difficult. And it will be as striking as the scenery outside.

Use Nature

When you start running out of ideas simply look out of your window. Fall hues originate from nature’s colors representing animals, plants and harvest time. Almost anything from your garden will match this theme.

This also means you don’t have to run to the store every time you expect guests. Green leaves from your garden—or even the beautiful colored leaves of fall—will look stunning in a vase for your dining room table. When flowers are in bloom they will easily match the rest of your fall themed room, no matter the time of year.


Feel better now? Are you ready to start decorating? When you see the long term benefits of this decorating style it’s easy to commit to it. And you’ll never tire of this vibrant spectrum so enjoy it until it’s time for your next renovation project.

Choosing Paint Colors Just Got Easy!

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