5 Trends in Sustainable Color Palettes for Your House

By Luke

Choosing the right color palette for your house could be a challenging task but it’s surely very important for the overall mood and feel of your space. Don’t underestimate the power which your chosen wall color has on your daily thoughts and activities. Having that in mind, select your colors wisely and give your home a lasting transformation which you will enjoy.


When it comes to designing your home, there is no right or wrong choice of color as that’s your kingdom and your place of comfort and joy. One way to pick your colors is to go with something which reflects your personality and character. However, in some cases, that might lead to choosing bold and vivid shades which you might want to change sooner than anticipated. Going for a more sustainable color palette scheme means that you could avoid house painting for a few years to come.

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For a harmonious look and feel, choose colors which compliment each other and create a smooth flow from room to room. Subtle, neutral shades and earthy tones are a sustainable choice and give you room to add more brightness with furnishings and accessories around the house. If your style is more bold, you can play with contrasting tones but just ensure that there is still a sense of flow throughout the house.


Below you can discover some sustainable color combinations which you can use as an inspiration and get ideas for color tones and vibes you wish to give your home.

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The rustic and homely tones


Going for more earthy tones such as browns and beige will give your place a homely feel. To add a rustic touch you should go for wooden flooring and choose a rug which compliments the colors. You can easily implement this look in all the rooms. For your kitchen, blend different shades of wood for your cabinets and wooden worktops and soften the look with beige walls. If you wish to add a kick to this monochromatic scheme add a touch of yellow which will bring brightness and joy to the place.


The Green shades of nature


Green is the color of nature and it brings serenity and calmness to your place which makes it a perfect choice for your living room and bedroom. There are a wide array of green hues which can be combined together in the creation of a green paradise inside your home. If you go for olive green paint, it’s best to add wooden furniture and gold or bronze accessories to enhance its warmth.


The modern and trendy white and grey


A minimalistic yet trendy look incorporating white and grey. This combination is often seen in kitchens and bathrooms but you could also make it work for your bedroom by adding a more vivid colour as an accent to liven up your space. Bring color through accessories, rugs, pillows and large prints as they are easy to change over time and leave your walls white and grey as a more sustainable option.


The Scandinavian feel


It’s all about simplicity, practicality and minimalism. Often most walls are painted white and only a small accent wall is given a soft, subtle colour in earthy tones. If you are a fan of Scandinavian design you should know that in this concept less is more. Stick to simple furniture lines, ensure there is plenty of natural light and add some greenery to feel closer to nature.


The Romantic and Peaceful look 


Subtle pink hues combined with some soft grey shades to give a peaceful feel to your place. It’s a combination which can be used throughout the whole house. Depending on the mood you wish to set for each room, you can choose different shades and add less or more pink to bring that feminine and soft look and feel. You can add some wooden furniture for extra coziness.

Apart from choosing the best color palette for your house which suits your character and lifestyle, it’s important to organise your home well. Make sure you declutter often, tidy as you go and use storage boxes with labels for easy access to things.

Choosing Paint Colors Just Got Easy!

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