6 Great Benefits of Exterior Painting

The outside of the house is commonly ignored when thinking of new house improvement undertakings, with the emphasis usually falling on substantial interior jobs such as a brand new kitchen or bathroom. A simple painting of the outside of your home can offer considerable, enduring upgrades for your home’s worth, its functionality and its all-round looks and identity. If you’re curious about about the many benefits of an external paint job for your household then read on to find out more.

1 – Prevention of Damage by Insects

Insect invasions like termites can be stopped by a coat of fresh paint. A fresh coating of paint will work similarly to a protective outer shell. Insects burrowing in your home’s siding is therefore prevented by the tough outer shell.

The protective layer that paint creates also has a vital role in ensuring the wood on your home remains healthy. Cracks are closed with paint, stopping seeping water which is a main cause of rot in the wood. To avoid insects such as termites from invading your house, you need to prevent any wood from decaying. They love to burrow into wet and softwoods, so if you can keep your wood healthy it leaves them looking elsewhere.

2 – It improves the value of your property

You should look into external painting if you’re trying to increase the value of your house. If you’re hoping to get a full return on your investment with a home improvement project, the majority of projects will often fall short. On the other hand, a fast and cost-efficient service like external home painting offers an average return of 141%, which means you make money from it when it comes time for you to market your home. Exterior house painting quite literally pays for itself!

3 – Boost The Curb Appeal of your property

Curb appeal is all about how good your house appears when it is viewed from the outside. It is often forgotten because people spend a lot of their time indoors. However, this is a mistake to stay away from, because curb appeal plays a huge role when marketing your house.

The outside of the house will be the first thing that any prospective buyer will see. This could be either a positive or a negative, depending on how your home appears. Potential buyers will more than likely take a negative view of your home if the exterior is unpleasant and poorly maintained. However, if you win over prospective buyers with your home’s curb appeal, you’re much more likely to set a great tone and make a great sale. Therefore, to increase your home’s curb appeal and entice potential customers, you should think about external painting.

4 – Weather Protection

The weather usually takes its toll on your home. The harsh and unpredictable British weather, be it high temperatures in the summer months or seemingly year-round rainfall, can start to leave its mark on your home. The proper paint, professionally applied, could go a long way to deal with these problems. External paint is specifically made to defend against the weather, and it provides a protective shield for the siding on your home. It helps to stop damp and moisture from getting in, and also works to prevent mould and mildew from getting hold. Functional advantages aside, your home will also appear fresher and better for longer when a coat of external paint is professionally applied.

5 – Inexpensive Improvement

When it comes to value for your money renovations, external painting is amongst the best options on the market. Having an average cost of just £800 for specialist external painting, this is amongst the best ways to enhance your home’s appearance, feel and function without having to spend a small fortune. When you work with an experienced painter, external painting is among the most inexpensive and sensible choices you could make.

6 – A more appealing home

As well as all of the practical benefits to external painting, one of the primary reasons why you should paint the exterior of your property is making it look more appealing. It is possible to customize everything to look just how you’d like it to, with total control of the styling and colours. This helps transform your home into a space that you’re proud of and can improve the satisfaction you feel every time you pull into your driveway. If you want to add charm to the design of your home and uncover the reason why you fell in love with it in the first place, external painting will be the best option for you.


Painting the exterior of your house may be one of the most helpful and cost-effective improvements you could make. The benefits are varied, from weather protection to improving the sales price of your home, so if you aren’t currently considering it, now may be the time to begin. Selecting an experienced painter is crucial when you decide to paint your house. Furthermore, try and pick one with a great reputation in your town whenever you can. While it might seem like a straightforward process, there is a great deal to know concerning painting and it is very easy to make expensive blunders. It is also quite risky!

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