“A glass of water please”, the ideal customer from a contractors perspective.

Not every customer is the same in regards to their generosity. Enough has been written on the pros and cons of the professional contractor. But what about the pros and cons of the customer the contractor is working for? Although it is best to maintain a professional relationship during the coarse of the job between the two parties offering drink or food to the contractor doesn’t hurt.

Unless of coarse the job is turning into a disaster. From the contractors stand point there is know doubt that they will perform their duties better when the conditions that surround them are comfortable.

Does the customer need a few pieces of furniture moved around at the end of the job? What about hanging up that new light fixture? These two examples were not included in the contract. However if one treated the contractor and helpers with generosity the contractor will be more than happy to do a couple of “freebies”.

The ideal customer doesn’t get upset when everything is not going according to plan. Yet with proper communication understands that not all jobs proceed as well as others. The customer should give the contractor the benefit of the doubt. Ninety five percent of the time the situation is rectified and there was no need for all the stress.

The check is good is one of the best endings to the job besides customer satisfaction. There is nothing more aggravating to the contractor than having to worry about money. These are just a few examples of the ideal customer from a contractors standpoint.

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