A House Painter’s Tips on Selecting the Right Painting Equipment

Equipment makes a big difference in how well your paint job comes out. That is a fact that many do-it-yourselfers do not realize. Some areas you can get a cheaper option that works.

Nevertheless, with a few things, pay the price to get professional results. The professional house painter knows when money is well spent.

  • A painter’s pole is essential for painting areas above your head. If you look on the end of a paint roller, you will often see a hole where a pole screws in. That is where the painter’s pole connects. If you are painting a ceiling, use a house painter’s pole to avoid standing on a ladder too much. You will likely need a ladder when you cut in your edges, but the pole will save a great deal of time for the rest of the job.
  • Bigger is not always better when it comes to paint rollers. Many professionals prefer the control and weight that a 9-inch roller provides over the larger 18-inch. Some professionals will use the larger one to save time. However, they may not get the control necessary to do a thorough job all over the wall.
  • Choose your roller cover carefully. If you choose a deep nap, you will get more paint on the roller. However, you may get a texture you did not expect either. Many house painter professionals like a 1/2 nap for most interior painting. It holds a good deal of paint without leaving an unexpected texture. Lamb’s wool is the best kind, but you can use a cheaper version if you want. Just wash it thoroughly before using to remove loose material.
  • Get a bucket. Paint trays are accidents waiting to happen. Most people will avoid stepping in a bucket. However, the flat paint trays are easy to overlook and easy to trod. A bucket with a painting grid is a perfect way to have a great deal of paint available without the potential mess of a paint tray.
  • Put your money into brushes. This is where an investment will pay off. Many painters expect to pay $15 or more for a quality paint brush. These brushes offer stronger bristles that stay in place. Moreover, the type of bristle makes a difference in the paint finish. If you are planning on painting your entire house, inside or out, invest in a number of quality brushes. It is what a house painter does.


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