Add Pizzazz by Painting Closet Doors

Decorating a room is challenging, even for the most creative types. Decisions about everything from paint to fabrics to furniture can quickly overwhelm. If you are looking for a way to add pizzazz to your room, but are not sure how to do it, consider painting your closet doors. Some people paint them the same color as the walls or the trim, but there is so much more that can be done with the doors to make them stand out from the rest of the room. Try some of the ideas below to get you started.


Murals are, by far, the easiest way to make a closet door an extraordinary centerpiece for your room. Begin by painting them with a coat of primer and then sketching out the mural that you plan to paint. There is no end to the possibilities for scenes. If you are in a little girl’s bedroom, consider painting a castle scene or a ballet studio. For little boys, the closet doors could easily become murals of a baseball field or a racetrack with zooming cars. Even kitchen pantry doors can be painted with murals to give the illusion of depth and provide visual interest. Match the mural to the room for the best results.

Faux Finish

If murals are not to your liking, but you want to add texture and depth to the doors, consider painting them with a faux finish. Everything from a crackle finish to fit in with a charming, shabby chic decor, to a leather faux finish to fit in with the decor in a man cave is acceptable. Let the colors that you use and the finish that you select match the look and feel of the room’s decor. With the right finish, your closet doors can take on a life of their own.


Designs are a lot less involved than the many colors of a mural, but they offer the same type of visual. You can create a plaid or paisley design for a teenage girl’s room that incorporates the colors of the decor. Wavy lines might work perfectly for a teenage boy’s room if he is interested in science or music. Even colorful, bold hearts and randomly spaced polka dots are options for the closet doors that need an extra something to make them stand out from the rest of the room.

After you have painted the closet doors, think about how they can be accented with three-dimensional accent pieces. Glitter, gems and other items are ideal for accenting the painted on mural. By incorporating additional items into the door’s design and finish, the closet door will pop even more and become a beautiful centerpiece for the room. Work within the limitations of the closet door’s design to get the best results. Take into consideration how the door folds or opens and how far out it comes into the room. With a bit of planning, your closet doors can go from drab and boring to cheerful and exciting in no time.

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