Best Bedroom Colors for a Teen Boy’s Room

By jessica

Teen boys are notoriously difficult to figure out. Their tastes in music, dress and color change rapidly and with little warning. Finding the best color for a teen boy’s bedroom can be a daunting task. However, there are a few tried and true colors that can remain constant throughout the teenage years. Picking the best bedroom colors for a teen boy’s room is easy with the simple color options below.


The little boy blues of nursery motifs have long since outlived their usefulness for the teen bedroom. Pastels are out and dark, bold blues are in. Navy blues with a metallic undertone are a particularly popular choice for a teen boy’s bedroom. Accented with silver and black, the navy blue room becomes contemporary and modern for the growing teenage boy. If navy is too dark, opt for a neon blue that can coordinate with other neon colors and designs. Neon blue is brighter and, although a slightly unusual color, can be found at most paint stores that carry a wide range of color options.


For the Gothic teen boy there is nothing better than a dark grey room. The mystery of the color’s depths speak to the teenager’s sense of danger and the unknown. If the Gothic phase grows weary, the color will easily transition into a more sophisticated look. For a non-Gothic grey look, accent the room with bright red, blue or black. Red and blue add more personality into the room with their brightness and light. Black provides a more sophisticated tone to the room and is a great transition color as the teen moves from his mid-teens to his late-teens and college years. Light grey also works well as a wall color in a teen boy’s bedroom, but be sure that it has warm undertones or the room will appear sallow and uncomfortable.


Forget the pastel and vivid greens, opt instead for a green that is more woodsy and yellow in undertone. This color works well with natural wood furniture, so if the teen boy has the furniture that has grown with him from his nursery days, the woodsy green color will complement the pieces already in the room. For the teen boy who is particularly fond of the outdoors, green is a great choice to bring nature indoors and use natural pieces to accent the space. It is a calming color filled with possibilities and warmth that will help the teen boy relax and rest in his space. Accent it with browns and creams for the best look.

The best place to start when deciding what color will be best for a teen boy’s bedroom is with the boy himself. Ask the teen about his likes and dislikes and more often than not he will be able to tell you the perfect color for his room. Just like when decorating for anyone else, the best bedroom color is going to be the one that makes the teen feel the calmest most relaxed and most comfortable in his space.

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