Bourgeoisie’s Refinishing Process

By Ndum Roland Takere (Kumba , Cameroon)

To generally refinish a cabinet that has undergone aesthetic degradation, follow the procedure below for any cabinet type especially interior cabinets:

To refinish is to solely remove the deteriorated finish and apply a new desirable one. Commercial finish removers are available in;

  • Liquid form
  • Paste form
  • Semi-fluid form


Liquid removers work well on horizontal surfaces and the least expensive. Paste removers are ideal for vertical surfaces since it does not drip unlike liquid removers that drip. Paste removers are easier to control and are effective on tough and synthetic coatings. Apply remover with a brush.

Refinish as follows:

  • Remove ironmongery and any mechanical fasteners on the surface to be refinished.
  • Apply the remover to the surface.
  • Allow the remover on the surface for 15mns to loosen and wrinkle the film.
  • Carefully remove the peeled finish with a scraper and wire brush on moldings.
  • Wash the surface with water or mineral spirit to stop the effect of acid in the wood.
  • Allow the surface to dry thoroughly
  • Smooth the surface with steel wool or fine abrasive.


You may then apply any finish of your choice with satisfying results.

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