Cabinet Refinishing Saves Thousands Over Replacing & Refacing

I have been refinishing cabinets for several years. And every time I prepare a cost proposal for my clients, they are shocked and amazed at how much money they save when they choose to refinish their cabinets.

On average, when I talk to my clients, they tell me what the prices are for replacing and refacing. The following conclusion is based on their experiences as well as my own quest for quotes on replacing and refacing cabinets.

  • On average a complete kitchen cabinet replacement costs: $30,000
    (this doesn’t include the countertop and sink being replaced. Doesn’t include the cost for drywall re-pairs and painting. And in some cases, electrical work and updating to code work wasn’t included)
  • For that same kitchen, cabinet refacing averaged:
    $12,000 to $15,000 (refacing basically means you get new doors and some repairs to the surfaces and new hardware)
  • Those same kitchen cabinets refinished, the average cost: $2,000 to $3,900 (the variation depends on the finish you wish to have done. Also depends on repairs needed and the changing of hardware)


The price is one benefit of refinishing. However, the other benefit is that you have the cabinets customized the way you want them to be. You have total control on the outcome of this project.

The right company will offer a complimentary consultation, free 30-day and 12-month touch ups, sample door customized so that you will know what your cabinets will look like in advanced, and professional work ethics.

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