Caulk Color Mixer

By BPMI USA (Tigard, OR USA)

The BPMI Caulk Color Mixer is the most affordable mixing tool for creating custom colored caulk.

Estimated to retail around $20, this unique tool offers the opportunity for anyone to mix any brand of CLEAR LATEX CAULK with any color of LATEX PAINT.

  • The mixing is done directly in the manufacturer’s tube and no need for extra hardeners or additives.
  • There is no need for precise measurements of paint, just three scoops of latex paint or one scoop of latex stain and you are ready to go.
  • This mixer only takes a few minutes per tube to mix and clean up is just as fast.
  • The BPMI Caulk Color Mixer is packaged with 1 Measuring Spoon and 1 Pierce&Seal Caulk Saver Tool.


Finally . . . Paint first and caulk second. No more need to have wavy lines of paint as you attempt to paint over a bead of “paint-able caulk”. Now the paint is in the caulk and crisp clean lines will make all the difference in the finished look!

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