Upon seeing a wet paint sign most will stay clear and avoid a painting area at all cost. Mainly they do not want to get paint on them. Paint on the skin or clothing dries almost in an instant. Removing paint from the skin is slightly easier than clothing. And when one gets paint on themselves they are not happy for the most part. Children however may be a different story.

Now it is time for the quickest solution to ridding the paint of of ones self. Water is the first thought of most which have just been stricken. So the first reaction is where to find the quickest water source.

The bathroom or kitchen sink are usually close by. Next is locating something to dampen with water to scrub it off with. Does one want to use the clean bathroom towel potentially damaging it with paint stain?

A old dish or towel rag is the most popular choice. Blotting cold water with a mild soap on the painted areas of skin and cloths is usually the first method of removing the paint. However if this is not achieving the expected results applying more pressure might help. If the paint is still evident after this procedure one might conclude that the paint is not “water friendly” or soluble.

If mineral spirits or turpentine are readily available consider testing the results you achieve when applying to the affected area. One must take extreme caution however and use any solvents to clean paint infected areas, especially the skin. Everyone reacts to chemical exposure differently. It is difficult to neutralize solvents once applied to the skin. In this situation it would be best to contact the proper emergency medical department.

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