Cedar Deck_ no more staining!!!

By Carol (British Columbia, Canada)

I have been a slave to the decks in my life and this last deck which is BC cedar I stripped by way of power washing and sanding and then I have just used a sealant.

The deck looks great and I only need to lightly power wash it in the spring as we do have mild winters that promotes moss and mildew. I am leaving the deck this year as it looks great and will do it next year, which will be it’s 3rd year with only the original sealing. I would send a picture but my grandson has my camera!!

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  1. Carole

    Your info is very interesting, but it would be very helpful if you could give me the name of the sealer you used? There are so many different ones out there.

  2. Angela

    Interesting article. We have a cedar deck that is always peeling. I have stripped it with a stripper and power washer and according to your article, I guess I will have to sand it. Don’t know what to do after, however. What is a sealant? Does it come in different colors or just natural shades?

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