Ceiling Faux Painting – Illusions and Medallions

By jessica

Brighten up a room and add some personality to the space by adding faux finishes and medallions to the ceiling. Ceiling painting has been around for centuries and although the finish in your home may not equal that of the masters, it can create a beautiful illusion that will alter the look of the room. Before beginning, decide what type of look is desired. Once that has been established it is time to begin painting.

Choosing a Theme

If the room is casual in feel and decor, you may have decided to paint the ceiling in a manner that matches that tone. A light blue ceiling with sponged on, puffy, white clouds would be charming in an open, airy family room, for instance. For a more formal dining room, the addition of a hand-finished chandelier medallion and a metallic illusion on the ceiling may be more in line with the room’s decor.

Other options for ceiling faux painting illusions include the following: murals, textured paints and three dimensional illusions. A rustic home would look stunning with faux wooden beams painted on the ceiling, while a French Country inspired home would benefit from the look of a subtle stenciling. Choosing the right theme for the room is critical to the end result of the room’s appearance.

How to Paint Faux Designs

Depending on the design chosen, painting a ceiling with a faux finish can range from easy and quick to detailed and involved. Painting a ceiling is always going to be more challenging than painting vertical walls, because of the strain on the neck and arms while painting. If the room is big enough to accommodate a temporary scaffolding, it may be wise to invest in one for more detailed mural or finish projects. Always start with a high-quality primer and base coat of paint on the ceiling. Section off the areas that will be painted into manageable chunks. This is especially important if the mural or illusion is involved, as it will allow you to work in a systematic fashion. If possible, work from the center of the room toward the outer walls, to help prevent the design from being bunched up in corners or along walls. Be sure to rest frequently to prevent neck, back and arm strain.

Why Add a Medallion?

Medallions are pieces of plaster or metal that fit around the top of a chandelier. They take a boring hanging light and transform it into a centerpiece. Medallions instantly add visual interest on the ceiling and set the tone for the room. An uncomplicated medallion design in a simple finish works well in a room that is more casual and laid back. However, an intricately detailed medallion that has been hand-finished with a rich patina will work better in a formal dining room or kitchen area. As with all decorating accessories, matching the look of the piece to the feel of the room is the key to creating a room that feels well-matched and comfortable to be in.

Ceiling faux painting illusions and chandelier medallions are two great ways to add interest to otherwise boring ceilings. They require a little more effort and creativity, but the result is a room that cannot be passed by. The addition of ceiling illusions and chandelier medallions are also a great way to add value to a home.

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