Choosing A Perfect Color For Your Bathroom

By Scarlett Lovitt (Houston, Texas)

You can choose a paint color based on a towel that you see or an accessory that you find while out shopping. When you find the right color, you will know it because it instantly tells you that it will look perfect in the bathroom. This room is given the least amount of attention when it comes to home decor but it is an important room of the house and you can create a look that says style.

Multicolor designs are probably the safest decor to go with if you are having trouble deciding what color you like the best. You can use a light color paint on the walls and paint the drawers in your vanity to match. The shower curtain can display a variety of colors that will help everything to blend in smoothly.

Instead of choosing just one color to put in the bathroom, try two colors that blend together and are created from the same primary color. This will allow you many options to choose from when designing your bathroom.

Black and white is still in so don’t be afraid to use it if you dare. The room can be painted white and accessorized with a black border, fixtures, and an area rug.

Orange may be too bright for the dining room but it is just right in the bathroom. This is a popular color between teens and adults. The bathroom in orange is a great way to balance color and style. You can paint the walls white and accessorize with orange or you can make orange the main color and accessorize with white. Try finding floor tile that is orange in color and creating a balanced look with white fixtures so you don’t have too much orange.

Make sure that the paint you choose can stand the hot moist temperatures that you will find in the bathroom. Look for semi gloss or gloss finish. If possible, use a primer color for the base so it can reduce the chances of mildew and mold building up on the walls.

Try creating a different look by placing tiles from the floor half way up the wall. Then paint the other half with your choice of color. Placing tile on half of your wall will give the room style and it will also allow a cleaner surface that can be bleached to clean without fading the color.

If your bathroom is large in size and you want it to seem smaller or at least more cozy, try placing a dark color on the ceiling. This color should be darker then what is on the walls. The color doesn’t have to be black but try a darker tone then your walls.

When the bathroom is too small, choose tiles that are off white in color or a light beige. Then place a lighter shade of paint on the upper part of the walls. The ceiling should also be done in white as well. Choose more of a pastel or light color for the walls then dark colors. If you feel that the walls are boring then try the rag rolling technique or the sponge painting technique to give your walls something new and different.

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