Choosing Exterior Paint Colors to Prepare Your Home for Sale

By D.Cummings

One of the reasons people choose to paint their home is to get it ready to sell. The paint may be fading or peeling and this can make a big difference in the way potential buyers view your home. It will increase the value, give your home curb appeal and just generally make it look better. If you are planning on tackling this job yourself, you should do a little research before choosing the colors you are going to use, especially if you are changing the color for a fresh new look.

What type of home do you have? This can make a difference in the colors you choose. If it is not very old and has a contemporary look, there are many colors that would work well.

However, if you have an older home, you really should check into the colors that were used during the time your house was built. Making it authentic to the era is a good idea. Using a matching color for all the trim on your home will spruce up the home and make it stand out more.

Are you going to be painting the house yourself? If so, check out the better quality paints. This will be far easier when it comes to covering the surface of the house. If you buy cheap, you will be painting over and over the same spots because it will take more to cover the surface.

In addition, the better quality paint you buy, the longer it will last. If you are going to go to the trouble of painting your house yourself, you will want to make it worthwhile. It does not make sense to use a paint that will need redone in no time. After all, you may change your mind and decide to keep the home and then you will have to do this all over again in just a few years.

Before applying the paint you have chosen for your home, check to see if there is bare wood showing anywhere. If so, this will have to have a very good primer applied first. This will allow the paint you have chosen to stick to the surface. If you do not take care of this first when you get finished painting your house and you will begin to see spots where the paint is peeling off already. This will totally ruin the look you have created by choosing this great color and painting your home.

Before deciding on the final colors, you may want to get opinions from professionals as well as family or friends. The colors you will be using together should be well matched, because after all, you are getting the house ready to sell.

Have you ever passed a house and wondered who chose the color? Some stand out and I do not mean slightly. They stand out seeming to cry for someone to change the color. You definitely do not want this reaction from potential buyers when they pull up to come and view your home. Would you get out of the car if the only home on the block that was purple was the one you were going to see?

Choosing the exterior colors for the trim and the actual surface could mean trying a few colors together first to see how they look. Small sections can be painted and let dry to see if they are going to work well together. This is another thing to remember. Paint often dries a slightly different color than what it looks like when it is still wet.

If you are contemplating the choice of colors for your home prior to putting it on the market, make sure you choose colors that compliment each other. Even using one color theme in different shades will make a difference that will stand out – just not in a way that you do not want it to.

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