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Choosing paint colors for your home can be frustrating and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be! The “Choosing Paint Colors Like a Professional” video clearly explains the basics of choosing house paint colors including interior house paint colors, with the house paint color wheel, paint color combination’s, types of colors, lighting, accents, etc. This will help you learn very quickly and easily what you can do when choosing paint colors and complementary house paint colors for your home, like a pro.

It explains choosing interior house paint colors specifically. I’m sure it will help you, and I’d love your feedback!

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Choosing Paint Colors Just Got Easy!

Tired of Choosing Paint Colors the Hard Way and Paying for Color Mistakes? Want a Faster and Easier Way to Find the Right Paint Color? The best paint colors from Sherwin Williams – “Paint Color Cheat Sheets” – A great short-cut to finding a perfect paint color.

Find answers to your paint color questions.

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  1. Magic Dave

    The most Important thing to remember when selecting Interior Colors is that the Darker the Color is… the SMALLER the room will appear to be… so Choose LIGHTER Colors as often as you can…

    When you look at a Color Chip or Color Palette… remember that you are seeing only about 1-2 square inches of that Color… but when you Paint it on all of the walls and/or ceiling of a room it will APPEAR to be “greater in Color depth” than the small chip appears, simply because you are now “surrounded” by that Color…
    So CHOOSE LIGHTER COLORS more often… White, Off-White, Light Beige’s, Light Grays… even if you go with Blues or Greens… keep them LIGHT…

    Don’t be FOOLED by Color NAMES… Each Brand of Paint uses it’s own name for it’s Colors and these names are not always the same as you go from one brand to another even if the actual Color Chip is the same…

    Choose a High Quality Brand of Paint and stick with it for all your Painting work… I HIGHLY recommend Sherwin Williams Classic-99 Series… Sherwin Williams is the Largest Paint Manufacturer in the World… they OWN several other Paint Company’s including Sears Paint, Dutch Boy, Mercury and others… they spend more time and money each year on Product Development and Color Selection than all the other Paint Company’s combined…

    A good suggestion is to Paint your ceilings and walls with a Color using a FLAT finish and then use the SAME Color (that you used on your walls) for your Woodwork (door casings, window casings, doors etc.) except use a SEMI-GLOSS finish on the Woodwork… the Sheen will make the Woodwork appear slightly DARKER and give a good overall appearance to the room… If you choose to use a different Color for the Woodwork… make it only “slightly” different and of the same tone as the wall Color… perhaps slightly darker…

    When Painting SMALL Rooms, Hallways, Baths, Closets, Small Bedrooms… use the SAME Color on the Ceiling as on the Walls… this will look much more appealing to the eye and prevent the room from looking “all cut-up” and smaller… than it actually is…

    Different Colors have different Psychological Effects on Human Beings… Results are based on extensive Surveys Worldwide… and are well documented and taught to many Professional Painting and Decorating Contractors…

    IN GENERAL: White or Off-White tones make people feel “Healthy and Clean”… Green or Green tones make people feel “Relaxed and Calm”… Blue or Blue tones make people feel “Anxious and Excited”… Yellow or Yellow tones make people feel “Moody and Inspirational”… Red or Red tones make people feel “Emotional and Passive”…

  2. We like to have our customers pick out a few colors in their consultation. Then we paint some sample areas at the home to find out which color the customer would most like to use.

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