Color Compromises

Determining how your home is going to be painted and what colors are going to be predominant in your decor, can cause decorator stress! If you are choosing colors on your own, whether because you are single or because your partner does not care about the decision, then you only have to please yourself. However, if you are trying to find a color that you and your partner or roommate both agree on, the decision can be fraught with disagreements and compromises.

Instead of being stuck in an endless cycle of paint selection, try some of the color compromises below. They offer some suggestions for swapping out colors while still retaining the general feel that the color brings to a room.

Trade Peach for Pink

Your husband may seriously balk at the chance to have the master bathroom painted pink, while you may be set on having the perfect feminine bathroom that you have always wanted. Instead of forcing him to live with a plush pink bathroom, swap pink for peach.

Peach can have the same warm undertones that are so appealing in pink, and you can still coordinate the colors with a variety of feminine fabrics. The bedspread featuring pink and peach cabbage roses will look perfect and not cause much of an issue with your spouse if the walls are peach and not pink.

Swap Gray for Black

Teenage boys have a lot of interesting ideas when it comes to room decor. One of the most requested colors by them is black.

If you simply cannot handle a bedroom that is painted black, swap it out for gray instead. There are many different shades of gray and the color can come in a variety of undertones. Whether you prefer a warm gray or a cool one, there are shades that are perfect for your teenager’s bedroom. The great thing about swapping out the black for gray is that you can then add black accents in the room for visual interest. Grey is a great compromise color.

Exchange White for Cream

If your spouse or partner is dead set against a lot of colorful walls in your home, you can still add some depth to the space. Compromise by exchanging the white walls for cream colored ones.

The cream color adds warmth and depth without being bold or extravagant. It is important to select a cream that is bright and has a warm undertone, otherwise you may end up with a dreary, dirty looking wall. You can still keep white as the color for the trim and some of the accessories, but with a cream wall, your room will be a lot more welcoming.

Compromising can be difficult, especially when you have your heart set on a certain color. The important thing to remember is that the wall color is not nearly as important as your relationship with your spouse, partner, child, or roommate. Be willing to bend and you may find that your room looks even better with the compromise color than it would have originally.

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